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Mietteitä milloin mistäkin (Finnish/English)

Speedpaint dump 3/??
Pink Lady, Nao Tukiji illustration

Different kind of mountains or mountain-likes are pretty fun to draw. Experimenting with colors.

No refs, ~1½ h, SAI, keywords: canyon & iridescent, bg music: Under Hill - Howard Shore

Speedpaint dump 2/??
OH YOU, wink!kotetsu

Let's continue.
In the mountains. I mean, speedpainting landscapes again. I love listening to movie OSTs when drawing things like these.

No refs, ~1½ h, SAI, keywords: ridge & violet, bg music: Misty mountains - Howard Shore, Richard Armitage, the dwarf cast

Speedpaint dump 1/??
OH YOU, wink!kotetsu
Dumping here a few speedpaintings I've made lately, inspired by several fantasy games and Tolkien's works.

I want to study perspective and color schemes more and I find this quite nice way to do it because I don’t have to care about anatomy, heh

No refs, 58 min, SAI, key words: blue & cliff, bg music: Over Hill - Howard Shore

Lil' T&B worship
Yay Kafuka, disturbing translations, YAY
I'm spreading the word about fun T&B event. Please participate if you have any interest in the series! (I posted my entry already)

Sternbild Friend Rice Event

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More thoughts about some anime
Yay Kafuka, disturbing translations, YAY
Some anime talk again. Humm, so, the winter is pretty much over, and the spring anime are starting (I still don't know if I should write 'anime' or 'animes' when talking about plural; by Finnish logic it would be definitely 'animes' but I think English doesn't work the same way). Oh well, I guess nobody dies anyway.


Kaiji, season 2
1/24 (or 12) ep watched
A nice tension-building first episode. I got my ZAWA ZAWA. I don't get it how just eating chips can be that epic and manly (tears).
Gotta love the ED. I died laughing, so non-Kaiji but still right.

//As a random note, I love how people everywhere are arguing whether Kaiji is moe or not. Fuhuhuhu.//

Some more anime babblingCollapse )

Spring anime previewing and such
Blue, Wolf's Rain, Cool Lady
Okay, because I have been watching anime more actively this and last year (compared to past years), especially newer/airing series, I thought I could write a bit about spring season's animes; which ones look interesting and whattanot. (Actually, just realised the most obvious reason to my free-time-loss excluding my school work load...and maybe board game & video game playing, too.)

The anime chart of the spring

Some interesting upcoming anime: Kaiji 2, [C], Deadman Wonderland, Ao no Exorcist, Steins;GateCollapse )

About my anime nerdiness
Yay Kafuka, disturbing translations, YAY
Heh, not anything clever to say really.
Thought I would still update. I have been super busy at school (reading for the exams at the moment too). So, my no-life aka. teh Internet-avatar has been pretty quiet for some time. Yet, I have found here and there a bit time to carry out this urge of mine to watch some of the anime series I have wanted.

Still haven't found any so good I would compare it to my ever-favorites (Monster, Cowboy Bebop, Gankutsuou, NANA, Kaiji, Mushishi, Mononoke Hime, Mononoke, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, to name a few) Those have flaws of their own too, of course, but they are... just too great and awesome not to mention and ESPECIALLY, the diamonds of the genres they represent.

As you can see, I love different genres, but if I would say a most common factor to all those it would be probably... TEH dramah. Uh-oh. Or, at least, a good balance between drama and comedy.

I'm going to present some of my toughts about these series. (YES, just thoughts. This means you can have any opinion you want, be it a totally different or the same to me; of course you have the right to say it but I'm not here for the fight so let me have my own head. Thanks & peace & love, haha. I see too much rage between anime-ists. ;D) So far, I have been watching much rubbish and a bit not-so-rubbish. But you know, rubbish can be entertaining too!

~Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku: The Legend of Koizumi~
Words can't describe this. You must experience it yourself. It's... something unbelivable only Japanese can do. They MUST animate more of the manga. It's so ridiculous and weird and awesome it makes it epic.

More anime series: Gosick, Star Driver, Kore wa Zombie desu ka?, School Days...Collapse )

Post or not to post
I'm in despair! reverse mode, Fuura, Zetsuboushita!!!
About time to submit a new entry. I'm a bit worried for my own sake... Someday I'm not either going to wake up or be able to speak or just forget to eat because of my laziness. Ugh.
Okay, that's enough for scrap. You'll get a bit other kind of junk instead.

MH3 fan art time:


(Aren't Gobuls cute! ;D)
So, a picture or two.Collapse )

It's hunting season!
Blood+, Tadaah!
My sister got Monster Hunter Tri as present. I had already glanced the game this special twinkle in my eyes but the main problem was still there: I didn't have too much money to spend. So, I was a bit confused and surprised - but absolutely amazed when I got to hear she had it! What an (ab)user I am, seriously.

Thought I could represent my character, Mireyan. Have a couple of screenshots!

So here is the deal:

Mireyan is a young lady with a pretty serious nature - at least when hunting or carrying out quests. Even though her patience isn't long-lasting type, she is very persistent with every mission she has. When having spare time, she tends to be a bit more sociable and easy-going.

Want to know about her?Collapse )

Traconissa päivää paistatellen
Blue, Wolf's Rain, Cool Lady
Tulipa sitten värvättyä itsensä Traconin järkkäritiimiin tuottoisamman tekemisen puutteessa - ja ei sillä, etteikö järkkäritiimissä työskentelykin olisi ollut omalta osaltaan tuottava kokemus, varsin uutta puuhaa kun tuo oli minulle. Tracon meni hyvin nopeasti - liiankin nopeasti - enkä oikeastaan ehtinyt tehdä kaikkia niitä asiota viikonlopun aikana, joihin olin varautunut ja joita olin suunnitellut. Enimmäkseen olin "jumittunut" henkilökunnan huoneeseen aka. straffiroomiin aka. Greenroomiin, yksi toimenkuvista oli nimittäin pitää muu porukka virkeänä ja toimivana tuputtamalla sille kahvia ja välipaloja. ;D

Ja auta armias, mikä hälinä sunnuntaina syntyi kahvinkeittimen mentyä aamulla toimintakunnottomaksi! Noh, siitäkin selvittiin. Sen myötä myös koko conista. Staffiroomissa olossa oli myös yksi jännittävä erikoispiirre: kaikki skenen "julkkikset" pääsi tapaamaan ihan tuosta vaan (tarjoillessa näille kahvia!). Erittäin hyviä persoonia ovat valokeilan ulkopuolellakin! Erään luennon "kalkkuna-anime"satoa tuli naureskeltua etukäteen Vihreässä huoneessa.

Muutamilla luennolla ehdin kunnolla käymäänkin, näitä mm. Monsteriluento ja Kalkkunatarha. Pakollisena etappina Kupolin sekä suurien kustantamoiden pöydätkin kiertelin läpi, tosin en aivan niihin aikoihin kuin olisin halunnut.

Vaikka kaikki ei coneilussa mennytkään ihan nappiin, se oli kuitenkin hyvä kokemus. Uskon, että myös kävijöiden kannalta. Sen verran hyvä, että voisin ryhtyä järkkäriksi uudestaankin.


Very short English summary:

I was arranging a Finnish "Animecon"ish event, called Tracon. It was organized in Tampere. Everything didn't went as I would have liked and hoped but it was a good experience. Might do that again.


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